The Materials of Digital Design

Feel is perhaps the hardest to define, but we all know it when we experience it. It is that “perfect” weight/texture/fit when holding an object in your hands and, conversely, that sense of “cheapness” we get when interacting with a product made of lightweight plastic or a poorly milled alloy. The quality of craft and attention to detail can create a sense of quality and confidence that is as intangible as it is immeasurable. Well crafted products can even garner a sense of trust from their users. A fellow colleague Ix keenly remarked:

“It’s a well known, well studied bias (and also pretty obvious, really), but those little details influence the ‘perception of quality’. When a product is perceived as being high quality, the users are more likely to attribute problems to user error, while problems in a product with a low perceived quality make it ‘a shitty product’.”

Nice piece by Adaptive Path on digital (and non-digital) materials. Liked the section on qualities.

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